Born in the capital of Romania, from emigrants ofother geographical areas (Banat and Transylvania), under the sign of GEMINI (May 29 th , 1981), she was “detected” as artistically gifted by one of her teachers from Elementary School 11, who inspected her notebooks filled with doodles instead of exercises. In order to get rid of “a problem child”, the teacher advised her parents to enroll her in a school where students used the walls of the institution as homework support – namely “Tonitza” High School. She graduated from this reputable institution because future artists love to learn, and then she followed the only path offered by the attained degree: The Art Institute. She chose the Graphics Department, because she had been a fan of cartoons (mostly Manga) since the elementary school years, and because she met professor Mircia Dumitrescu, a guide full of understanding for his students’ whims.

As the humiliating habit of the Romanian state to offer employment to the graduates disappeared during capitalism, she had to look for a job that would sum up all the useless studies from those four years during which she would grind away and wear out (with mercy) the desks of the classrooms and lecture halls.

She worked part-time for several film studios. Then she got carried away, along with her colleagues, and made a few halts at some international companies that produced mobile platform games, where the big money is, provided you forget your real profession. She fought against this threat after a few years of corporate high life, and dedicated herself to a fruitful freelancer career. It was when she became a true grafter, without the former frequent smoking and lunch breaks. Her efforts were materialized in a range of personal exhibitions in several prestigious galleries (National Military Palace, Palace of the Parliament) in the country, and a few journeys abroad (Bochum and Essen). She completed a series of decorative art orders between exhibitions for headquarters of institutions and for the first Cine-Cafe (Senso). 

In 2014, she was accepted in the Plastic Artists’ Union.


Ipostaze Tulburatoare - 2021


Atelier Deschis @NAG 2020


Dinca Superstar @GFN/NAG 2019