Ana Stefania Andronic


 Ana Ştefania Andronic attended graphics courses at the Nicolae Tonitza Art High School and the National University of Arts from Bucharest, having Mircia Dumitrescu as mentor. From 2010 until now, she offered the public a few personal exhibitions in the galleries: Sofitel (2010)/ Palace of the Parliament (2011), Helios, Timișoara (2010-2013)/ Chrom, Bochum (2013)/ Imbold, Bucharest (2013)/ The Romanian National Library (2014). She participated to a few biennials in Bucharest, Arad, Târgoviște, Timişoara and Buzău, as well as to other group exhibitions amongst which the Temeiuri Exhibition and Graphics Exhibition of UAP (2014). In 2014, she also participated to the Contemporary Art Fair, Ruhr, C.A.R., Essen, Germany. In 2015, Ana Ștefania Andronic participated to the Art Safari Fair and also to the Contemporary Art Fair, Ruhr, C.A.R. with the support of Senso Gallery.

 A more extensive set of works, exhibited in UV, made the object of an artistic experiment she presented to the European public at the CHROM Galleries in Bochum (Germany), an important artistic center. Ana Ștefania Andronic accomplished a series of decorative art canvass for various institutions, but also for the first Cinecafe (Senso). From 2014, she is a member of UAP, Romania, the Graphics section. Personal exhibitions held in the past five years, as well as the Ruhr International Fair participation investigated new ways of expression in figurative painting, evolving towards a complex decorativism, imbued with symbols and graphic suggestions.